Rethinking Agile

Książkę "Rethinking Agile” powinien przeczytać każdy menedżer zajmujący się zwinnym podejściem. Dlaczego?  o tym przeczytacie w obszernym omówieniu książki, będącym rozszerzeniem posta na Linkedin (dlatego po angielsku).

“Rethinking Agile” is a quick, inspiring, good read, based on real agile transformation case,  with not much text and lot of pictures , aimed especially at managers and C-level executives which are thinking about improving the situation of their companies on the market via implementing effective, system-wide approaches, without local optimization.

Klaus describes the Flight Levels approach, which helps those managers, who think and not follow blindly frameworks and are not looking for recipes . Flight Level approach covers 3 levels:

  1. Operational work on team level
  2. Coordination within product & service, delivering value and coordination between various products & services
  3. Strategic company direction level

Book provokes many thoughts and insights regarding current state of agile, of transformations and current practice and thinking. One of mine thoughts is that something is really wrong in agile community and with managers, because such simple and fundamental truths, like:

  • Business and customer value “should be the King”, Agile methods are … just methods
  • System thinking is about the whole .. company so requires global optimization
  • When you optimize for busy people, you will get busy people

seem to a large extend be forgotten, as  - in many cases – they are not the base for business decisions and business improvements.

Cato the Elder was concluding his speeches—on any topic whatsoever—with the words, "Moreover, I advise that Carthage must be destroyed" (Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam). Therefore I think, that we in agile/Kanban community, in addition to “Stop starting, start finishing” should be repeating and repeating again and again

  • Agile teams have nothing to do with Business Agility” (as subtitle of Klaus book says) and:
  • “Stop thinking agile equals teams, start thinking about business and customers value”.

My first step – in the steps of Cato - would be presentation of “Rethinking Agile” at Agile Book Club Meetup in Warsaw on September 23rd (information will appear soon on:

Please join me at Meetup and … elsewhere, so we can start building community of “Stop thinking agile equals teams, start thinking about business and customers value” thinkers and .. doers.

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